About the studio

Valford Studios LLC is an entertainment studio most currently known for the publication of the Clan Valor series. Still in the early stages, the studio plans on expanding the fictional universe not only through written media, but through various mediums as they continue to grow.

While legally established in 2021, Valford Studios actually emerged as a concept over a decade earlier with the first hand-written rendition of the Clan Valor: Pieces story line. Clan Valor and its encompassing universe is projected to continue through the years with several planned arcs, spin-offs, and 'extra curricular' documentation.

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About the author

Robert Alford began writing the first rendition of Clan Valor: Pieces while still in high school. When not writing or working, you can find Robert with his family, playing video games, reading manga, or watching anime. You can also catch him on Twitch!