“Pieces” on sale now

An underground laboratory, hidden from the world

The death of a king and the assassination of a prince

A world of mana, mystech, and conspiracy

After years of planning, writing, editing, and scheming, Pieces, the debut novel of the Clan Valor series is finally on Amazon!

Alyssa Gilly is one of many scientists employed in the city of Latarvia. Previously assigned to a desk job answering questions about the properties of mana cells, Alyssa is given the opportunity to join top-tier researchers of various fields as the head researcher’s personal laboratory assistant. As she pushes the boundaries of genetic research, Alyssa must ask herself how far she is willing to push to further her career.

Robert Valford and Gregory Coyle are freelance bounty hunters, making a name for themselves by finding wanted fugitives and bringing them to justice. Following the sudden death of King Ergon and Prince Renji, crime is on the rise as anarchists and opportunists alike begin to band together, forming Clans each with their own motives and bones to pick. Suddenly Robert and Greg find themselves not only out of work but on the other side of being hunted.

Also navigating this new territory is a young outcast that can’t remember who he is or where he came from, a chef pulled into the underbelly of the city, and a talented mana user looking for a home. As the line between right and wrong becomes more blurred by the ever changing political landscape, and their stories become more and more entwined, our heroes must discover who they are and what they stand for.

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